The A-Z Play at Home Series

This is a super fun series! The A-Z Play at Home Series! Perhaps you need ideas for your kids to happily play at home, and/or you are having a few weeks of staycation coming up and dreading the “I’m bored!” conversations. Well, this series is just for you then!

Play at Home Series
The idea is to use whatever you have at home to play with it in a new exciting way. This will mean less screen time and frugal fun, two great reasons to play along!

We will start at Letter A and do an activity or craft, if the kids feel like it, starting with the letter A. For example: counting with Acorns, painting with Apples, playing Airport-Airport. You get the idea? I will see which activity my kids enjoyed most and post about it on the blog and on social media. Some of my blogging buddies will also join in, so you will get lots of inspiration on how to get your kids playing!

Play along by posting photos of your kids playing either to my Facebook Page or use the Instagram hashtag #justplayathome and I will choose my favourites and share it on social media.

Let’s start playing!

Letter A-  Acorn Throwing

Acorn Throwing

Letter B- Buttons and Beads Stacking

Buttons and Beads Stacking

Letter C- Cars & Clothespin Roads

Cars & clothespins roads

Letter D- Dinosaur Hunt

Dino hunt

Letter E– Egg Roll Challenge

Egg roll challenge
          Letter F Follow the Footprints
Follow the footprints

          Letter GGrocery Store Pretend Play

Grocery store

           Letter H-Hopscotch with Number Mats

           Letter I- Ice Cream Stick Balancing

Ice cream stick balancing Letter J- (Alphabet) Jenga

Alphabet Jenga Letter K- Kings & Queens Memory Game

Kings and queens game
Letter L- LEGO City

Letter M- Minion Playdough 

Minion Playdough

Letter N-Naming Game
Naming Game

Letter O Obstacle Course
Obstacle course

Letter P Pizza Playdough Pretend Play
Playdough Pizza

Letter Q Q-tip Painting

R is for Rescue the Toys
Rescue the toys

S is for Sorting Pompoms with Duplo
Sorting colours

T is for Tin Towers and Bowling
Tin Towers bowling

U is for Under the Umbrella game
Umbrella game

Four in a Row game
V is for Velcro Four in a Row game

W is for Waterbeads Sensory Bottle

Treasure hunt
X Marks the Spot
Stay tuned for the rest of the Alphabet’s activities!


  1. […] G is for Grocery Store! We have been playing grocery store/shop because our local supermarket has a promotion where you receive mini branded toys(lifelike mini groceries) to collect. And it is awesome! I already have a few ideas on how to use these minis for other learning activities, but for today I’ll share how we set up shop-reusing an old computer stand, and how we played grocery shop as part of our A-Z Play at Home Series! […]

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