Kings & Queens Memory Game

K is for Kings & Queens memory game! This week we are playing with all things starting with the letter K during our A-Z of Play at Home Series. Use a pack of cards to play this fun memory and matching game!

Kings and queens game We have this pack of cards we bought in Wales a *few* years back(before we even got married and had kids) and it is quite sentimental. It is the first time I took it out to play with and the kids were keen to play a variety of traditional games.

Then, we “invented” the Kings & Queens game, so fun! You play with only the Kings and the Queens. (For older kids you can use more pairs. We used to play this game with a whole pack of cards when I was younger.)

Memory Game

Simply pack out the pairs face down. The objective of the game is the same as with any memory game: find the pairs! In this case, pairs are the King and the Queen with the same symbol. Take turns to find a pair, if it is not a pair, turn it back around again. Next players turn. If it is a pair, you keep it. The player with the most pairs at the end wins!

Kings and queens game


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