Waterbeads Jack-o-Lantern Sensory Bottle

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W is for waterbeads in our A-Z of Play at Home series! We made a Jack-o-Lantern sensory bottle using waterbeads!
Waterbeads bottle
This sensory bottle was rather easy to make. You will need:

Materials needed

  • a clear bottle(I used a VOSS one)
  • orange and yellow waterbeads
  • black vinyl (or tape)
  • glycerin(or clear oil like baby oil)

Add water and the glycerin or oil to the bottle(so it is one quarter full). This is suppose to make the water denser, although I did not have enough, only half of a small bottle. You will need at least a full bottle(that is 125ml). Oil would work better than glycerin, I just did not have that in hand. Wait for the waterbeads to swell(ours took around 2 hours) and then add it to the bottle. Do not make it too full, leave some space so it can move around when handling.
Sensory bottle
Cut pieces for the face from the vinyl or tape. Attach to the bottle and voilá! A Jack-o-Lantern sensory bottle for calming down!

We also kept some waterbeads aside to play with in the bathroom sink because my kids just can’t resist squishing it, lol!
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