Counting Hearts Busy Bag

Counting Hearts

Make this fun counting hearts busy bag to help your little one with counting and fine motor skills too! This busy bag is quite easy to put together. You will need: pipecleaners craft foam(I have used pinks, purples, reds etc) same colours as above paper marker Cut hearts out of the craft foam and punch holes in the middle. I made them the same size, but you can make a variety of sizes too. Then, cut the paper into circles(I used a punch), attach it to the pipecleaners by … [Continue reading...]

How to make a cootie catcher

Cootie catcher

As a child we used to make plenty cootie catchers to play with. We called it a quacky, because you know, it looks like a beak opening and closing. There are so many different ways to decorate and to use cootie catchers for learning and playing. Opening and closing of the cootie catcher also involves fine motor muscles and bilateral coordination, so great for children's development. What you need: paper stickers markers Make the cootie catcher as follows: 1. Fold a A4 paper … [Continue reading...]

Kids Shape Breakfast

Egg breakfast

Need a quick kids breakfast idea for Christmas morning or any other morning? Try this fun shape breakfast idea! Let me tell you a secret, my kids *sometimes* eat this for dinner too! They love it and it contains almost all the food groups, so that’s a bonus! What we use: silicone baking mold(Similar to […]

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Rustic Reindeer Ornament

Rustic reindeer

I just cannot get enough of making tree ornaments this year! I made this Rustic Snowman Ornament the other day and had more of these balls so made these super easy reindeer ornaments and gave it as gifts to colleagues. To make these reindeer ornaments you need: – Rustic balls – Brown pipecleaners – Red […]

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