Cool Balloon Experiments

Experiments with balloons

Balloons are such simple toys that can amuse any child. Use balloons for learning too and do these experiments with your children and teach them science! Balloon Hovercraft Use the power of air to make a balloon mobile that moves on a table or on the floor. You will need: -An old cd -Lid of a sports bottle -Glue -A balloon 1. Use the glue to paste the lid of the bottle to the cd. 2. Blow up the balloon and close the open end with your fingers. 3. Pull the open end … [Continue reading...]

X marks the spot Treasure Hunt

X marks the spot

As we are nearing the end of our A-Z of Play Series , the letters get a little tricky. For the letter X we had fun with this treasure hunt- X marks the spot! I used a white board to draw the initial map. (Older kids can draw their own map too!) After explaining my "master art piece", one child chose the spot to hide a little treasure box and mark it on the map with an X. Then, the rest of the kids had to find the "X" on the map and then find the treasure box at that spot. Five cousins were … [Continue reading...]

Dinosaurs ABC’s Sensory Bin

Dino bin

Learning the ABC’s is the first step to reading: recognizing the sounds and then correlating it to the letters. It’s time again for another fantastic month of alphabet fun with the 31 Days of ABC! All this month you can look forward to 31 more days of activities, crafts, books, apps, and more, all dedicated […]

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