Carols Jar Christmas Family Tradition

Carols tradition

Do you have a special Christian family tradition you observe around the festive season? What do you do in your home to make this season meaningful? We are starting this Christmas carols jar tradition this year, and you could too! The idea is to use the jar on Christmas Eve(or any other time leading up to Christmas) and sing carols as a family. (You can use technology and find the song on YouTube to lead you if you are not confident or familiar will some of the carols.) To make the jar, you … [Continue reading...]

Disney Badge Ornament

WDW Ornament

Last year we went to Walt Disney World for the first time. It was simply amazing! We bought back many magical memories and I wanted to add something of the magic on our Christmas tree. Hence this cute Disney badge ornament! If it is your first time at WDW you can ask for a First Time badge at public relations(you can also get a happy birthday badge and special occasion badges). I glued two badges, back to back, to each other with a glue gun. I added a string while doing this so … [Continue reading...]

Worded Clay Ornaments

Clay Ornaments

We do love making our own Christmas tree ornaments, don’t you? We’ve joined up with other kid bloggers to bring you lots of ideas during 10 Days of Kid-made Christmas ! We made these pretty awesome worded clay ornaments! Salt dough is usually our go-to material when making decorations and keepsakes, but for this one […]

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Christmas Tree Luminary

Tree luminary

We are joining the Kid-made Decorations series today and made a pretty Christmas tree luminary from salt dough! You might remember the Christmas Tree Handprint Keepsake or the Fingerprint Wreath Ornament ? This was the salt dough from that same batch. 3 special projects with one batch of salt dough! (See the keepsake post for […]

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Easy Beaded Photo Frame

Photo frame

This “beaded” photo frame is super easy for kids to make and is a great kid-made gift idea too! This frame does not take long to make either, you can have a pretty beaded photo frame within 10 minutes! Start by making the photo frame by glueing 4 of the larger craft sticks together and […]

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Fingerprint Wreath Keepsake Ornament

Fingerprint wreath ornament

Here is a brand new keepsake idea for you: fingerprint wreath photo ornament. Is it not too pretty? You will need:  green salt dough(see this post for the ingredients) two circular items, one slightly bigger than the other Cookie Letter Stamps ribbon and bell red paint What to do:  Roll out the dough to 1cm […]

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Special Kid-made Gifts

Kid-made gifts

We have been sharing special kid-made gifts for the past week and are they special! Nothing beats a handmade gift, especially if it was made by little hands! Make these Stamped Clay Dishes by Projects with Kids to keep special items in. Perfect for rings or jewelry. I do love keepsake gifts like this Christmas […]

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