Under the Umbrella Estimation Indoor Game

Umbrella game

We are nearing the end of our A-Z Play at Home series and today we have the letter U. U is for Under the Umbrella: a simple estimation game to play using just an umbrella! This is the perfect act for when you are stuck indoors because of rain, snow or heat. First, hang the umbrella up, anywhere in the house. Any number of players and any age can join in the fun -even adults! Choose a place to start around the umbrella. Estimate(without moving) how many steps you will need to take to get … [Continue reading...]

Colour Matching & Race Game

Colour match and race

We had so much fun with our Dab-o-Ink dabbers colour matching and making a Race 2 Win game! You do not need dabbers(although they are fabulous!), you can press corks-or any circular stamp, into paint too! Use a large paper(I used butcher paper) and dab the coloured dots at both sides but not in the same order. Let your child match the colours by dabbing from the one side to the other side. This is great to cross the midline and planning the most direct route to the matching dot(executive … [Continue reading...]

Q-tip Painting

Q-tip painting

For the next 2 weeks I am continuing our A-Z of Play Series but not at my home and not with my own kids, but with my friend’s (that lives in the US) kiddos! This is quite a challenge for me since there is a toddler too who wants to be included in all activities […]

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Scarecrow Busy Box

Scarecrow busy box

We have quite a collection of Felt Busy Boxes by now and also have written an Ebook called 14 Fun Felt Busy Box Ideas, with templates, check it out! Today, I have yet another fun felt busy box idea for you: a scarecrow busy box! Remember you can also use these felt cutouts on your felt story board, […]

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