Dinosaur Party

Dino party

My little man turned 5 and we had a Dinosaur Party to celebrate the milestone! Rawr! So, I had a full week to plan and execute this party, that meant that I did not have enough time for all the ideas I had, but at least some ideas materialized! There is so much one can do with this theme! Since the weather looked great we ordered a jumping castle that looks like a crocodile/ dinosaur. This, together with the splash pool was entertainment enough! Then, I set up a dinosaur small world area … [Continue reading...]

Catch a Heart Fine Motor & Sorting Activity

Catch a heart

Look at this easy-to-set up and so-great-for-learning-hands-on hearts fine motor tray! Pipecleaners and a tray is all you need! (A tray with three compartments like THIS ONE) and a wire bender if you choose, but not necessary. I cut the pipecleaners as shown below. One whole pipecleaner for a large heart, half of a pipecleaner for a medium heart and a third of a pipecleaner for the small hearts. You can cut as many hearts and sizes as you want. I chose small, medium and large because … [Continue reading...]

Kids Shape Breakfast

Egg breakfast

Need a quick kids breakfast idea for Christmas morning or any other morning? Try this fun shape breakfast idea! Let me tell you a secret, my kids *sometimes* eat this for dinner too! They love it and it contains almost all the food groups, so that’s a bonus! What we use: silicone baking mold(Similar to […]

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Rustic Reindeer Ornament

Rustic reindeer

I just cannot get enough of making tree ornaments this year! I made this Rustic Snowman Ornament the other day and had more of these balls so made these super easy reindeer ornaments and gave it as gifts to colleagues. To make these reindeer ornaments you need: – Rustic balls – Brown pipecleaners – Red […]

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