About us/Contact

Welcome to our blog!
My name is Nadia van Zyl, I am a mommy to a feisty girl and sweet boy. I am married to my varsity love.


I blog mostly about activities I do with my kids, and some other experiences as a mom. I love doing crafts and being creative and raise my kids in that way. We love Jesus and aim to raise our kids in a God-fearing way.

Some background:
We live in Alberton, South Africa. This is also where I grew up and went to school. After I graduated high school in 2000, I went to North West University, or PUKKE, as we used to call it. I studied B.Ed(foundation phase) with Psychology. I met my husband there, and we went to work in the UK for a year, and travelled Europe before we came back. I taught pre-school for 3 years and started my business Creative Little Hands part time. When we built our house we made room for a Creative Little Hands studio where I taught arts & crafts to kids as an extra mural activity, now it is used as a play and craft room.

Lirelle (Lella) was born in 2010, and baby brother, Wian in 2013. Lella and Wian attend school in the mornings, while I work as a Remedial Therapist at a private remedial school 3 days a week. Other days, I work on this blog, and doing mommy stuff: shopping, cleaning, crafting etc.

I blog about our lives and activities so that one day, the kids can read all about it, and of course to share it with other mommies for inspiration;)

Enjoy the journey with us!

Get in contact: [email protected] or via social media!