5 Ways to Make Learning the Alphabet Fun

Today I am sharing 5 ways, but in actual fact it is 7 ways, to make learning the alphabet fun! Why seven? Because we have seven senses and when you involve all your senses in the learning process, it is so much more fun!

Learning fun
Our basic senses are: Taste, Touch, Hear, Sight and Smell. Then we also rely on Proprioception or Body Awareness and Vestibular or Movement senses to learn. When we use more than one sense at a time to learn, it is called multi sensory learning. In fact, the more sense children use during the learning process, the better they will remember what they have learned. 

In my book ABC’s and 123’s a variety of fun, multi sensory activities are explained to help your child learn the alphabet in a fun way. Here are some examples: 

Taste: Bake(a whole sensory experience by itself) alphabet cookies, learn with it and then enjoy eating it! 

Letter cookies

: Make alphabet mud cookies, what fun tactile activity! (This activity involves smell: smell the flowers and mud and sight as well.)

: Sensory I-spy bottles like these make a certain sound! Add rhymes and songs to your activity by using the letters to make up your own songs!
I-spy bottle

: I-spy bottles is great as a visual tool for learning your ABCs too!
Smell: The use of paint, particularly scented paint, during an alphabet activity involves the olfactory system. (Touch and sight as well.)

: Gross motor activities like jumping on chalk letters, is a good example to use the body(kinestetic) for learning.

Gross motor activity

: Have an outdoor lesson and move around while searching for nature objects to build letters.

Outdoor activities
These 7 ways to make learning the alphabet fun is just a few examples of the great activities in the ABCs and 123’s book. There are also number and shape activities too!

Learning fun

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