Magnetic ABC’s Learning Fun

Today we are joining a series called:Learning Fun with ABC’s! I will show you how to use store bought magnetic alphabet letters to learn about word families!

magnetic abc learning fun
We keep our magnetic ABC alphabet in a handy travel case( you can read all about it here).

For word families, you need sticks(or cardboard strips) with all the word families you want to work on:

word family sticks
Write on the sticks or strips, using upper or lower case letters. If your child does not know upper case well, it is best to keep with lower case, with the magnets and sticks/strips. (It is of my opinion that children should learn both ways early on because of the technological era we live in.)

Now, choose a word family and add all the letters that can make a meaningful word with that specific combination. You can do this for the child, or if this is used as a revision activity, the child can choose the letters.

changing a letter
Change the word by changing the first letter, while sounding it out. It is important to sound the letters out for optimum learning: using a multisensory(visual, auditory) approach.

upper case
Have fun while learning family words with a magnetic alphabet set!

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