Magnetic Letters Nouns Game

Here is a fun nouns game to play with magnetic letters!
Nouns game
We used to play this game by simply writing up letters on a piece of paper and the blindly choosing a letter. I changed it up a bit and used magnetic letters in a bag for this game, but one can use any letters or simply choose random letters. It is really fun for older kids to practice their quick thinking skills and nouns categorizing too.
Recording sheet
Simply pull a letter from the bag and write down a noun starting with that letter on the FREE printable recording sheet. Whenever the first player is done, everyone must stop writing or one could set a timer.
Points are given(5) if no one else has the same noun in the specific nouns column. If it does happen that someone else has the same noun, no point is awarded. Count up points at the end of each round and then at the end of the game. (I changed the original recording sheet to include a points column.)
The game can seize when all letters are drawn or when tired playing.
Nouns game
A simple, but fun game to play with magnetic letters!


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