Magnetic Name Trace Busy Bag

Some of our American friends are getting ready to send their kids to kindergarten come September, so we are sharing a whole lot of busy bag ideas in preparation for that with this month’s Busy a Bag Hop! (Last month we made Spring Themed Busy Bags)

This time, I made a magnetic name tracing activity!

magnetic name tracing act

The idea is to place the laminated name sheet on a metal background, like a cabinet, fridge, or cookie sheet for when traveling.

cookie sheet

Then move the magnet on the letters as if tracing it. The magnet gives some resistance, so kids of a sensory seeking nature, will find it fascinating and a bit more challenging than just tracing with a finger or pen.

Making these name sheets are fairly simple. Print out the name, using a thick font, in bold too.


You can leave it like that or make it into a road by making white marks like I did, using a Tip-ex marker. Then stick it onto another colorful paper. (If you find the colors too distracting, use plain paper.)

onto paper

Then laminate the sheets:


I used strong, thick magnets, (that makes it easier to move around), and simply stuck on stickers.

sticker magnets

That is it, a fun way to learn to recognize and perhaps write names! One can use white board markers to trace over the name, wipe off, and trace again. Or one could use the laminated name sheets together with playdough and form the letters.

Another fun way to use it, is to pack out the name using pom poms, pebbles, beans, pasta or any small items. It can even be used as a place mat, and have some fun with cooked pasta: spelling the names!

laminated name tracing sheets

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