Ways to Practice Sight Words at Home

Your child might bring sight words(or any other spelling words) home to practice at home. Often they will not be in the mood to sit at a desk and work on paper, so, you make it fun! We know that when a child has fun, they are more acceptable to learning. (Also see Ways to make Maths homework fun

Here are 30 ways to practice sight words at home without it feeling like homework!

Ways to Practice sight words
Popsicle sticks game– make this fun game with the sight words your child needs to learn and have fun as a family!
Sensory trays– use shaving cream, salt or any other sensory material to practice those words.
Rocket and Moon– blowing game that is easy to make.

Sight words
Wacky Words– fun reading game on the wall to make silly sentences.
Sight word tallies-using a reader/favorite book.
Sight words islands– Making islands outside by drawing and writing with chalk.
Playdough mats– simply print and play!

Sight words Activities
Stamping words– stamp sight words into Playdough or use letter stamps and ink on paper.
Sight word puzzles– make these by colouring the flashcards and then cutting them up to build again.
Skittles game– use cardboard rolls to make this fun game!
Bracelets– if you have letter beads, make sight word bracelets!

Sight word games
High five– write sight words on hand papers and high five it when walking past.
Treasure hunt– go on a hunt for sight words outside, simply use the flashcards to hide and find!
Pick up sticks– play a game of pick up sticks with your sight words.

Clip Sticks– use a craft stick and pegs to make these sight word clip sticks.
Lego words– write on Legos with a dry erase marker and build those words!

Fun sight words
Sight words Go Fish– Play a game of Go Fish with sight word cards.
Sight Word Floor– Tape down the words on the floor and read as you go.
Jump on words– Write sight words on the trampoline and jump(and read) away!
Slap words– slap those words with a fly slapper!
Sight words Dominoes– make an easy dominoes set with the words and play!

More games
Shoot the words– use Nerf guns to aim and shoot sight words.
Sight word scratch – use a large paper (vertically)to write words, then scratch them off one by one.
Sight words Tic Tac Toe– print this page, or draw up your own, to play a game of Tic Tac Toe!

Sight words
Superhero Mash– Use superhero figurines and smash those words.
Guess Who?– Play a game of Guess Who?
Sight Word Ball– use a beach ball to write sight words on and throw ball(and read the words)!

Fun activities
Sight Words Bingo– print these(or make your own) Bingo cards!
Squish and Seek– fabulous no-mess sensory activity to read sight words!
Hanging Words -Hang sight words from the ceiling, jump and grab it off to read.
Print Sight Word Activities for extra fun learning! Sight words
These ideas are great fun and will definitely be enjoyed and not feel like homework!

Ways to Practice sight words

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