Rainbow Handprint Keepsake

I have a lovely handprint and photo keepsake idea for you, Rainbow Keepsake!

We have not done a new handprint keepsake this year, (last year we made loads, check it out HERE), so this rainbow keepsake were created!

Rainbow keepsake
So, with the other keepsakes, I used equal amounts of flour and salt(1 cup each we had left over) with half water(1/2 cup).

I rolled it out, about 1 cm thick. Then the hands were imprinted and also the clover cookie cutter was used. The date was added with our Alphabet cookie stamps and two little holes were made for the string.
I tried to make the shape like a cloud, do you think I succeeded?
The keepsake went into the oven for 3 hours(and left overnight, upside down, to dry out more) at plus minus 80’C/160’F.

I involved my daughter with the colouring process and we used our Chalk markers to colour the hand a rainbow. (One can use paint as well.)

This was not varnished(yet), but I did, however, see with another project that damp weather softened the frame so I would recommend spraying your salt dough project with a Clear Varnish to protect it.

Lastly, strings and photos were added.

Handprint keepsake
A lovely rainbow keepsake to make with the kids before St. Patrick’s Day or whenever you feel like rainbows!

Rainbow Keepsake


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