Ways to Make Maths Homework Fun

Homework is not always fun(or never for some kids). Help your child(and yourself) to make it fun and an enjoyable activity once again. Here are some really fun ways to make math homework (or class work) not just a chore!

Homework fun
Put together a box to help with sums like this Little Maths Box that uses pompoms and foam numbers or work on ten frame concepts with a Tiny Ten frame box with small toys. These small boxes comes in handy during travel time too: learn on the go, perhaps waiting at a sibling sport practice?

Use playdough to reinforce subtraction skills like this Subtraction Smash idea. Make Skip counting lacing plates to work on skip counting or use craft sticks and pegs to practice sums like this Craft stick & Peg Sums idea!
Games are always a hit with kids, USE it! Practice using a 100/140/200 chart by playing this fun 100 Chart game. Get the whole family involved with Counting on card game and Multiplication War with Uno.

Another genius idea is this Whiteboard Hack. Use your child’s whiteboard with lids stuck with Velcro to give a little extra proprioceptive input they need while doing sums.
Surprise number envelopes are really fun to use with the little ones that still need to learn the properties of numbers in a hands-on way.
Counting with Robots or any toys. USE your child’s favourite toys to bring across mathematical concepts in a playful manner.

Most kids love Lego or building blocks. Here are 3 fabulous ideas: Grouping with Legos, which is great for introducing multiplication.
Lego fractions, a great visual way of explaining fraction concepts.
Place value with blocks, a hands-on way to manipulate and experience place value through handling blocks.

Lastly, check out these 10 fun number line activities to work specifically on number line knowledge!
So many fun way to make math homework, well, FUN!

Homework fun
Many ways to make Maths homework fun. Which idea will you try first?


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