Little Maths Box

It is small, it is portable, it is a little Maths Box!

Little Maths Box
This simple little Maths box can be used at home(doing homework), a school(working on sums in class) or even in the car(as a busy box, to keep your child occupied and learning at the same time)! We will be using it mostly for homework since we still need that visual reminders when doing sums. (We still use this Whiteboard Hack, genius!)

What you need:

Materials needed
Simply write and use the numbers to make the equation. Now use the pompoms to find the answer.

This box can be used for plus and minus sums, or, one could use it for simply counting out pompoms to correspond with numbers(my 4 year old enjoyed this as I told him it is his “homework”),skip counting, patterns etc.

A handy little Maths box to have when your child needs help with Mathematical concepts in a fun way or just to pull out when they need something educational to do, whether at home or on the go.

Maths Box


  1. Cairn says

    Where did you get the soap boxes. The link doesn’t take me directly to it. These are really cute! Great idea!

  2. Melissa says

    You can find all of the items for the Little Math Box at our local “Dollar Tree” here in Jacksonville FL. The FOAM NUMBERS are in a foam puzzle alongside a lowercase letter puzzle and a uppercase letter puzzle. The stores also carry multicolored POMPOMS in the Crafts section of the store. Lastly, there are pencil boxes similar to the soap dish shown here, but to be honest, Dollar Tree carries a variety of CONTAINERS in all sizes, shapes, colors, varieties, with attached lids, separate lids, no lids, etc. A trip to Dollar Tree could bring your total cost for supplies to $3-$4 (depending on how many foam letter puzzles you purchase) which is less than any one item on the list from Amazon… I am all about saving money, so I thought I’d share!


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