Rescue the Toys Ice Activity

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Letter R in our  A-Z of Play at Home Series is Rescue the Toys Ice Activity!

Rescue the Toys

We have been freezing and unfreezing all kinds of toys this whole week, everyday, because it is such fun ice activity: rescue the toys!

All you need are small toys(that can go in water), a bucket to freeze it in, a larger container to unfreeze it in, some droppers/syringes and water!
Ice activity

You can colour the water with food colouring too! We made a blue batch with the fish and shells, then a green batch and also a red one.
Fine motor skills

Some toys float and some sink. Try to get a combination of it when freezing the toys to spread out the fun. Unfreezing the toys with droppers worked on fine motor skills, strengthening those hands. The excitement of getting some toys unstuck was great to see.

You can add an experimental element to the fun by using cold water, warm water and salt water respectively to see which one melts the ice faster. Older kids might enjoy this simple science ice activity.

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