Felt Rocket Name Puzzle

                                      Look at this fun felt name puzzle! A rocket name puzzle!

  rocket name puzzle   

This rocket name puzzle was easy to make too! 

I made a template first with cardboard, just basic shapes: triangles, rectangles etc.

The template was used twice(so make sure you do this properly): once to cut the felt pieces and once to draw the puzzle template:
felt  name puzzle  

My son’s name only has 4 letters, obviously you will have more rectangles for a longer name.

puzzle template  
After finishing the puzzle template, I added some stars just to fill up the page. I did not want to add too much other details because the focus of this activity is the name recognition part.
A fun, name recognition activity and visual perception activity in one! This felt page will go into the quiet book I’m still busy with, lol! See all the fantastic felt actuvities we’ve done so far Here!
  name rocket  

  space activities  


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