Chalk Gross Motor Toddler Activity

I forgot how busy a toddler can be, phew! Looking after my friend’s 2 year old requires lots of thinking on my feet and quick setup activities. This Sidewalk Chalk gross motor activity is just that, and so fun too!

Chalk gross motor

This was a good activity do prepare with his help. It does not look as pretty as it would if it was done by an adult only, but the idea was to keep him occupied. First I drew circles and instructed him to “colour” the circles.  I also made a squiggly line all around the circles.


He then naturally started to jump on the circles. I showed him how to tippy-toe all around too. The squiggly line was meant for walking and balancing, still quite difficult for him. His older brother(4.5 years) joined in too.

Gross motor skills

And then came the most fun part, clean up! We used water spray bottles and made “Magic” as the water made the chalk disappear! This was great for fine motor skills-squeezing that bottle! This was his brother’s favourite too!

Clean up

This sidewalk chalk gross motor toddler activity is a quick setup activity but it kept us occupied for at least an hour and was so fun! Great for siblings to do together and requires only a few supplies. Why don’t you try it too?

Chalk toddler activity

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