Dinosaur Hunt

This week we are playing with all things starting with the letter D in the A-Z of Play at Home Series! D is for Dinosaur Hunt!

Dinosaur Hunt
This Dinosaur Hunt is such a simple, but enjoyable game! Simply hide the dinosaurs in the garden(or in the house) and go hunting for them! It was a lovely Autumn afternoon so we took our game outside.

Hiding Dino's
We took turns to hide the dinosaurs around the garden. I don’t know if the kids found that more fun than actually finding the dinos, lol!

Finding Dino's
After the toys had been found, it had to be counted to make sure it was all of them. Counting practice at its best. My older child counted in 2’s while the younger just counted normally.


And yes, we did hide and hunt for most of the afternoon because it was just so fun! Easy and simple play activity, perfect for keeping boredom at bay!

Dinosaur Hunt Come see other fabulous D ideas to do at home:

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