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Our Touch & Feel Shapes and Touch & Feel Counting Cards were HUGE hits with my kids and with followers, so I made touch and feel letter cards too! (Newest addition: Touch & Feel Colour Cards)

Letters cards
These letter cards are perfect to teach letter formation if you add little arrows(to show direction) and/or use it with Rhymes like Teaching Mama did. We use it for spelling words as well.

Spelling words
To make these cards you only need the following materials:

Materials needed
First, make lines on your cards. Measure 5cm between the lines. You can use any colour marker, I used a red chalk marker to get these bold lines.

Now use the FREE Printable Letter Templates and bend the pipecleaners accordingly. I did not add a ‘q’ and ‘p’ because you can use the ‘b’ and ‘d’ upside down. (Reason: I wanted all the letters to fit onto two pages.) Here is a preview:


Make sure your pipecleaner letters does not have sharp points and are bent proportionally.

Glue down the pipecleaner letters, making sure to use the correct line. We call these writing lines head, tummy and tail lines(the cat-method). What do you call it?

ABC cards
Oh, obviously you can use a variety of colour pipecleaners, or perhaps blue for consonants and red for vowels. (I only used white because I bought in bulk the other day.)

All set! Now the fun, multi sensory learning can begin! Trace the letters with a finger, close eyes and trace again. Play a guessing game by not looking at the cards and guess which is which by only touching it.

Build words with the cards and learn letters hands-on!

Letter cards

Also check out these fabulous printable Alphabet Animals Letter Crafts!

Alphabet Letter Crafts



  1. Jennifer says

    I love this idea. I only wish I’d found it at the beginning of the year. Oh well, I guess I’m getting a head start for next year.

  2. Jess says

    Hiya Nadia,
    I was wondering if these cards would help the blind people? I’m teaching a preschooler to read who has lost his sight at birth.

    • says

      I’m sure it could, but I would rather suggest teaching Braille from the start because that will be the long term method the child will use. You can use a glue gun to make Braille cards.

  3. says

    Need guidance with simple material to assist in helping with alphabets and numbers. My grandson is not talking as he should for 3 years old. Limited time with him and unusual hours.

    • says

      At 3 years old he is not expected to know his alphabet and numbers. You can however start by making learning about it fun. These touch and feel cards(there are numbers and colours too, just search for it using the search button upper right hand corner) are perfect and then also use playtime to slowly introduce numbers and letters. Rhymes are a great way to start, like 5 little monkeys etc.


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