Touch & Feel Colour Cards

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In a non-planned Touch & Feel series, these touch & feel colour cards idea is the final post. And how fabulous are they?

Touch & feel colours
We have ShapesCounting and Letters Touch and Feel cards, and now we have colours as well! These cards are great for kids from toddler age and up. My 7 year old sensory seeker still loves to feel these because it is appealing to all senses and that leads to fun learning too.

Also, get your hands on this Ebook-Colors and Shapes for more fun, frugal and hands-on activities to learn about colors and shapes!
Colors and Shapes

For these colour cards you will need:

Materials needed
First, sort your colours together(get the kids to help with this step for a lovely educational activity). Then, cut the cards from cardboard.


Plan how to place the objects before gluing it down and write down the colour name. I made our cards bilingual for my kids to learn the English together with the Afrikaans word. Glue it down when you are satisfied with the outlay.

Planning & gluing
Make all of your cards in the same manner. I made 10 colour cards with the colours I had. Some cards have more objects because I wanted to add different hues of that specific colour(like blue). You can decide how elaborate you want your cards to be.

10 colours
Touching and feeling as part of the learning process is very important: the more senses a child use, the better! Feel, see and  hear(say the name) and learn all the colour names.

Touch, see, say
These touch and feel cards did not cost much making it a frugal teaching tool. It also was not difficult to make so anyone can easily make this.  Make a set of touch & feel colour cards today and let the learning begin!

Touch & feel cards


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    This is great Nadia! I love this idea for little ones. I am pregnant with my 2nd baby and will definitely be making some of these soon. I like that you have the words written on the color bricks as well. I am working on a learning to read series at but this is a great way to get your babies and young children learning in the earliest stages of development.


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