Touch & Feel Counting Cards

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Make these touch and feel counting cards for your child to have a multi sensory learning experience when introducing simple counting! A while ago I made Touch & Feel Shapes and it was so effective and my 4 year old loved it. Today it is numbers!

Touch feel counting cards When a child learn with more than one sense at a time, whether it is visual and tactile(like these cards), auditory and visual or kinestetic and vestibular, the child will learn easier. It is more enjoyable too!

These DIY tactile cards are easy to make. You will need:

Materials needed
Cut the cards to about 500mm x 900mm. Cut the pipecleaners in half and bend into numbers. Use your glue gun to attach the numbers and corresponding pompoms to the cards.

DIY cards
Let your child touch and feel the numbers and pompoms to explore the different numbers. Let him/her count the pompoms and trace the number to practice number formation. (Add a dot with a marker at the starting point if your child is not familiar with the number formation yet.)

Multi sensory learning
Compare cards and ask questions like which card has the most, which card has the least pompoms. This helps a child to see specific details and compare these details to come to a conclusion. It also works on mathematical vocabulary.

Do simple sums for example: how many pompoms does the number 2 and number 3 cards have altogether? How many pompoms does the number 4 card have more than the number 1 card etc.

Counting cards
An great idea to make learning about numbers and counting sensory friendly AND fun too!

Touch and feel cards

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