Buttons and Beads Stacking

This week for our A-Z Play at Home Series we are playing with letter B: Buttons and Beads Stacking!

This is a fun fine motor activity that can be turned into a family challenge- see who can build the highest tower!

Buttons and Beads Stacking
This is a very quick and simple activity to put together, you only need:

Buttons and Beads
Let the fun begin! Stack as many buttons and beads as you can! You can do it in any order as long as it does not topple over. Count how many buttons and beads you used then compare it to the other players.

Just on a side note- your kids with low endurance will get frustrated easily because this is quite a tricky game!

The little ones can simple add a button to a bead therefor working on fine motor skills and one on one correspondence. If you have the same colour beads and buttons, consequently sorting buttons to beads according to colour. Counting as they work makes this a simple math activity too!

Little ones
A super simple, but fun activity the whole family can enjoy!

Buttons & Beads Stacking
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Be sure to come back next week to see how we will play with all things that start with the letter C!


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