Touch & Feel Symmetry Cards

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Symmetry is something that I still struggle with as an adult. You know those pictures where on has to complete the other side of a face? That is super difficult for me. Symmetry is a difficult concept but with hands-on experience it can be mastered. Use these symmetry pipecleaner cards to help your learners touch and feel symmetry first to help them understand the concept better.
Symmetry cards

Touch and feel experiences are vital for the young child to make connections to concepts. See these Touch & Feel Colours Cards, Touch & Feel Counting Cards, Touch & Feel Shapes and Touch & Feel Letters .

The cards are quite easy to make. You can use these TEMPLATES , or make your own.

You will need:

  • pipecleaners(halved)
  • cardstock(150mm x 100mm)
  • glue gun or glue

Materials needed

First cut the cardboard, then draw the line in the middle. Bend the pipecleaners into the desired shapes. Attach one half to the cards with strong glue or a glue gun.


This can be presented in two steps:

  1. Match the other half to the cards, for younger kids.

Symmetry practice

2. Bend a straight pipecleaner to complete the picture, for older kids.


Only after experiencing symmetry hands-on(3D) one can expect a child to move to 2D symmetrical  drawings.

Make these cards today to help teach symmetry in a fun way!

Symmetry cards


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