Play-Doh Puzzles

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We received THIS awesome Play-Doh set and it is so fun! It is perfect to make Play-Doh puzzles with and learn all about colours and shapes with this great sensory material!

Play-doh puzzles

This set comes with 8 small tubs of Play-Doh and 8 shape cutters, which can be used to press big shapes or, turn it around and press a small shape. The cutters are perfect for little hands and sturdy too.


To make the puzzles: choose the colour corresponding to the shape cutter. Roll on out and press a big and a small shape. Do that with all the shapes while discussing the shapes and colours for language development.

Now fit a small shape into the correct big shape!


This activity reinforces fine motor skills(rolling and pressing), encourages visual processing(different shapes and colours), explores with senses and develops language too!

The set also comes with these activity sheets that is also fun to use for learning!


Patterning, naming the colours, fit the shapes and build your own pictures with the shapes!


What a fabulous set to play and learn about shapes and colours!



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