Naming Game

For this weeks A-Z Play at Home  activity starting  with the letter N, I will be sharing a game we like to play wherever: in the car, in the bath, waiting in line at the shops… It is simply called the Naming Game.

Naming Game
I made this printable that you can use with a spinner. The printable gives you ideas on topics and the spinner can work as a timer. BUT, you don’t need to use these, you can play it as an auditory game only. This is how you play:

Start with a topic: e.g. colors. Then each player must say a name(take turns) of a color as quick as they can think of one, but not repeating the colors already mentioned. If someone does say that or you run out of colors to name, that topic is done. Move to another topic. See which topic you can carry on with the longest. 


Click image to get Printable

If you want to use the printable and spinner, close eyes and press on a topic. Spin the spinner and name the colors until the spinner stops.

This is a simple game, but quite enjoyable. This also works on verbal fluency skills in a fun way. 

Naming Game
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