(Alphabet) Jenga

Do you love playing Jenga? Try this alphabet Jenga with the kids, so fun, and educational as well! We are at the letter J in our A-Z of Play Series and we played Jenga, well, alphabet Jenga!

Alphabet Jenga
Jenga is a game where you build a tower of blocks and pull out blocks strategically without letter the tower crumble. This game is great for reasoning skills, concentration, fine muscle control, social interaction etc.

Simply use stickers or strips of masking tape to write the alphabet on. My 7 year old insisted on doing this bit;) You can mark all the blocks, some blocks, use capital letters, lower case…just as you wish!

Materials needed

Now, there is a variety of ways you can play with an alphabet Jenga tower:

Simple letter recognition 

Say the letter(and sound) of the block you pull out. This is great for the littlies to join in the fun too. My 4 year old enjoyed it tremendously.

Alphabetical order

The rule here is you have to pull out the blocks according to alphabetical order, making it more challenging since the next letter might just topple your tower!

Alphabetical order
Initial Sound

Pull any block, but you have to say a name, animal and an object starting with that letter!

Guessing Game

Players must guess which letter is taken out by asking questions about the letter. Is it a vowel, is it a consonant? Does the letter have a hole, a line?

Playing Look at that face when the tower went down!

Spell a Word

The order of the blocks pulled must make up a word. So if I pulled a ‘c’, you have to try and pull a vowel and then the next player must pull a letter to make up a word, for instance, “cat”.

And we just had to build roads with the Jenga blocks too!

Jenga Roads
Such a fun way to incorporate literacy into a family game, right? Would your kids like to play Alphabet Jenga?

Did you know you can get a GIANT Jenga set, perfect for outdoor fun?

Alphabet Jenga
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