Camping Pretend Play

We turned a room into camping ground for a fun camping pretend play activity!

camping pretend play

During the Winter we don’t use my son’s room for sleeping because it is a very cold room and we all hibernate in one room(makes getting up in the cold nights easier). So, we turned his room into camping ground and the unused bunk bed became a tent!


I used a large curtain to cover up the front and another duvet cover to cover up the side. There is no official “door” so they have to crawl in from underneath: great proprioception activity. On the inside: a big sleeping bag was stretched out(or they can zip it up to “sleep” inside together with another duvet and some pillows. A little night lamp, some toys and books were added too. The photo below was a bit later in the day hence the darkness.

It is nice and cosy inside, and makes a great hide-away spot(you will find me there later, lol!). Perfect spot for self-regulation too;)

Then, I just placed the camping chairs “outside” together with some plastic utensils. A wooden bath “rug” turned into a fire pit(we call it a braai here in South Africa and the kids are all familiar with it)with some red cloth underneath. A real griddle makes for the perfect pretend play tool.


A very simple setup for camping pretend play and the kids can add to it however they want. I’ve heard some play lingo about going on a hunt and bringing back the buck(deer) to braai(roast over the fire pit). This is typical things my kids know about and experienced sometime in their lives. I am sure kids from elsewhere will have a different way of playing camp, but also fun!

Camping pretend play

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