Floating Eggsperiment

Do this simple floating “eggsperiment” with your young kids to explain water density and add a little science “magic” to your day! 
  Floating eggs

You will need:

  •  2 glasses
  •  2 eggs
  • Water
  • spoons
  • salt
  • And two willing scientists😆

Supplies needed
The most rewarding thing to see is how children experience something for the first time. Sometimes, adults take things as common and forget that there was a time we also didn’t know what we know now.

For these 2 cousins that is what happened with 2 glasses of water 2 eggs and salt. First, we filled the 2 glasses with the same amount of water. We added 5 teaspoons of salt to the one glass. As we were busy, I asked them to count with me as we poured the salt in. Then I gave each one of them an egg to hold. We first placed the egg in the clear water and noticed that the egg looks very big in the water and we also noticed that the egg sink to the bottom. 
  Egg in water

So, when we placed the second egg in the water the boys were quite surprised that this egg floated. They pushed it down but it wouldn’t stay down it just jumped up again.  I asked them why does this egg bounce up again but this one not, they were very clever and answered because there is salt in the water. (Jippeeee lesson learned) The salt changes the water density- a big word for them!

Egg in salt water
They were very chuffed with themselves after making such a wonderful discovery, thinking of it as “Magic”. When they are older they would understand the concept of water density better,  it for now, magic it is!


Contributed by Natasha Joubert

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