Sentence Sticks

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Using popsicle or craft sticks make learning more fun.(See ideas here) These sentence sticks work great to teach the parts of a sentence/speech: verbs, nouns, adjectives etc. Use it to make silly sentences or real sentences too!

Sentence sticks
I simply wrote starter words, adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs on craft sticks. Then added some Washi tape, just to make it more pretty and for organization of course?

Words on sticks
After some lessons using each group of sticks separately, we put them together to form sentences. I could be silly sentences(the students love this!) or real sentences. They have to identify each part of the sentence and also swop sticks out with each other to make more sense. This is done on an auditory level first and then we move onto writing form.

Sentence building
A fun way to learn about sentence structure and parts of speech using crafts sticks!

Sentence sticks

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