Obstacle Course

From time to time we set up an obstacle course outside just to burn off some energy. We use items from the playroom: chairs, table, mats etc. to make a course and the kids really enjoy this! As part of our A -Z Play at Home Series, for the letter O, we are showing you how to do this at your house too!

Obstacle Course
The setting up is really not hard and only takes a few minutes. You also don’t need lots of space. I used our front garden because it is a long grass area.

You can make it as elaborate as you wish, incorporating gross motor movements like jumps, crawl, run, hop etc. Change it up for each object, so for example, don’t jump over three objects, rather do two jumping “stations”.

Gross motor skills
Your older kids can even “design” an obstacle course for the younger ones. Make a lesson out of this: plan it first on paper, go measure the area you will use, then draw it up before setting it up outside.

Obstacle course
A super fun activity to do at home, which will cost you nothing AND burn of energy while working on those gross motor skills!

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