Synonyms & Antonyms Sticks

Use craft sticks to make synonym and antonym sticks to use while teacher kids language, vocabulary and creative writing skills!

Synonyms and antonyms sticks

I simply used a variety of words and wrote it on craft sticks. One sticks has two words, synonyms, back and front. Then I used those words to write the antonyms of(but also two antonyms which in turn is synonyms) so it will fit together.

Craft sticks
You can use specific words your children are learning. You can add to the set every now and again, building up a collection of synonyms and antonyms.

Synonyms & Antonyms

A child could simply sort the sticks so it fit together, or he/she can play a timed game: working on reading accuracy and speed. 

Work on oral vocabulary by making sentences with the words read.

These synonyms and antonyms could be handy to pull out when they get stuck with a certain word during creative writing time. For instance: Can you replace the word ugly? Hideous will be a better description. This helps to expand vocabulary which in turn aids in creative writing abilities.
An easy tool (you can make yourself) to teach synonyms and antonyms in a hands-on way!

Synonyms and antonyms
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