New Baby Photo Wall Display

I do love photos and keepsakes and wall art…

We have a new baby photo wall display like this for each of our children(ages 4 and 6.5) and I’m only getting around to sharing it now!

New Baby photo wall display

I must be honest, these were made before I cared about “Pinterest-worthy” projects, so it is definitely not perfect, but it is special, nevertheless. You can see with the one below in terms of spacing, and we actually need new photo frames.

First display
We took maternity photos and new born photos with each child, each session had its own memories (naked baby deciding it’s time for a nr.2, for example!). Memories that I wanted to be remembered and displayed.

These photos went into frames that holds five photos and was arranged around the footprint/handprint(keepsake) frames. The foot and handprint was made in the week they were born using air drying clay. And no easy task, keeping those small hands open for a print!

The baby booties were giving to the grandparents as a pregnancy reveal the first time around. We did not know the gender yet, so we bought both colours, not knowing that 3 years later there would be a brother wearing it!

Baby keepsake
Around the frame I added the birth details using chalk markers. And of course their names were added with small wooden letters.

I will have to get shadow boxes with class though, because the keepsake frames do get very dusty and I want it to last forever.

Wall display
There you have a simple, but lovely new baby photo wall display that everyone can appreciate! It fills a wall with personalized “art” and makes our home ours.

Do you like this wall display idea?

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