Alphabet Snakes & Ladders

It is the last week before our school holidays so we are reviewing learnt sounds. This alphabet Snakes and Ladders game was a super fun way for the grade 1’s to review their ABC’s! 

Alphabet Snakes and Ladders
With the addition of the ABC’s, this popular game was turned into a literacy game with the idea to have fun AND to see which learners did consolidate their grapheme and phoneme knowledge.

We used the single alphabet letters,  it you can use digraphs or word families too, together with our large, plastic Snakes & Ladders mat(similar to this one). I wrote the letters randomly on the mat with a dry erase marker.

Snakes and Ladders game
Then we played with the normal rules of the game, but also, when you land on a letter and you can give a word starting with that letter, you can throw the dice again! The player that gets to the winning spot(100) first must first sing or recite the alphabet to win the game.

Adding ABCs
The learners loved this twist on this Snakes and Ladders game and I got to assess certain skills too. Win-win! Alphabet Snakes and Ladders game
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