Hopscotch with Number Mats

This week we are at Letter H in our A-Z of Play at Home Series and we played hopscotch with our foam number mats!

Hopscotch with Number Mats
We used our foam number mats for this hopscotch activity, but you can simple use chalk outside to draw numbers in blocks and play that way.

My 7 year old packed out the numbers first so that it looks like hopscotch similar to what they have at school. (The 2 and 3 should technically swop around, though).

Packing out
They they hopped, one leg, two legs, one leg…My eldest found it easy, but it was a challenge for my 4 year old, a good challenge.

Then, we changed up the order of the mats to shake it up a bit:

This game is great for proprioceptive input: the sense of knowing where your body is in space. It also works on gross motor muscles(getting that body moving), balance and executive functioning skills(planning what to do with your body) too!

All these skills are at work playing hopscotch but you don’t realize even realize it because it is such fun!

Hopscotch with Number Mats
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