Tin Towers & Bowling Game

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So, here we are, at Letter T in our A-Z of Play at Home series! We used tins to build towers and then bowl it over, so fun(and engineering skills plus gross motor skills sneakily developed too)!
Tin Towers and bowling

I prettied up a few tins using colourful tape. (I would add to it as soon as I can get my hands on more tins!)
Tins and tape

Now came the fun part: building the tin towers! The tall tower was a bit of a challenge-getting the balance right, but he persevered! So good for engineering skills and critical thinking!
Tin Towers

Bowling was just as fun! My son decided it is more challenging to let the ball hit the back wall first and then the tins.
A great frugal game to play at home with the kids and adults too!
Tin Towers bowling

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