X marks the spot Treasure Hunt

As we are nearing the end of our A-Z of Play Series , the letters get a little tricky. For the letter X we had fun with this treasure hunt- X marks the spot!
X marks the spot

I used a white board to draw the initial map. (Older kids can draw their own map too!) After explaining my “master art piece”, one child chose the spot to hide a little treasure box and mark it on the map with an X. Then, the rest of the kids had to find the “X” on the map and then find the treasure box at that spot.
Five cousins were playing this game. We alternated between boys teaming up and the girls finding the treasure, or individual hiding and seeking. The little ones enjoyed both hiding and seeking, whereas the older kids preferred the hiding part.
Mark the spot
The kids played this game over and over and over again and really enjoyed being outdoors. You can, however, play indoors too.
PS- You can turn this game into a lesson on area, map making or direction!
Treasure hunt
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