Upper & Lower Case Egg Hunt

Another fun idea, just in time for Easter! Have an egg hunt, have an upper and lower case egg hunt! What fun learning!

Upper and lower case egg hunt
My kids love hunts, egg hunts specifically around Easter time. We made these letter eggs to match up upper and lower case and spell words too!

Upper and lower case letters
Materials we used:

I wrote the letters, upper and lower case, on the eggs. Then, the kids helped with “decorating” the eggs using the markers.

The eggs were hid around the garden and the hunting began…

Egg hunt
They had to find an egg, bring it to a designated place, then find more to find the “friends”(matching upper and lower case). 

How did we know we found them all? We placed them in alphabetical order and each egg must have a friend!

My youngest found the letters of his name and sister spelled some words.
Egg Activities
This was so much fun and kept them busy for quite a while. They each hid the eggs a few times for each other as well after Mommy quit?

Upper and lower case egg hunt

A fun literacy activity one can do leading up to Easter. Great to work on upper and lower case skills while having fun!

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