Easy Easter Egg Cookies

Does one need a holiday to have an excuse to eat cookies? I guess not, but these cookies are perfect for Easter, right? And it is SO easy to decorate these Easter egg cookies, the kids can help too!

Easter egg cookies
We made bone cookies and decorated it in this way at the beginning of the year for my son’s Paw Patrol Party. It is just a simple way to spruce up ordinary sugar cookies and it is yummy too!


  • Any sugar cookie recipe(we used THIS recipe)
  • White chocolate
  • Sprinkles

Egg cookies
You’ll need an egg shape cookie cutter and a roller. Roll out the dough and press the shapes. Bake the cookies until golden brown and let it cool down.

Cookies and sprinkles
Melt the chocolate. I always use two containers, the bottom one is filled with water, the top one has the chocolate. This way the chocolate melts gradually and won’t burn. And once it is out of the microwave, it stays warm and does not harden that quickly.

Cookie decorating
Then simply dip part of the cookie into the chocolate, let it drip for a few seconds, and then dip in the sprinkles! It is such a fun process, but be warned, it does get messy if there is kids involved!

Easter egg cookies
This will be a fun activity to do at an Easter get together, everyone can get involved in decorating their cookies and take some home as favors.

Easy, pretty and yummy Easter egg cookies!


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      It does get hard(sort off), but when it touches, it does stick together a bit. This will obviously depend on your weather too. Do place it in the fridge before you stack it, and see, perhaps, it will help? Let me know please?


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