Hands-on Long E Sorting Activity

When your child has consolidated his/her basic alphabet knowledge and is familiar with common blends and digraphs, it is time to move on to the more difficult sounds that has more than one option. This hands-on long E sorting activity is a fun way to show the different options for the long e sound. Adapt this idea to any other sound too!

Long e sorting activity

Our grade 3’s are focusing on the long ‘e’ sound this week and our learners(each one has a learning difficulty of sorts) learn best with hands-on activities.

I put together these objects(leaf, tree, pony, key), one for each long ‘e’ option we are currently focusing on. The first step was to name the objects. Then, we matched the objects to the correct spelling option.

Objects and cards
Lastly, our long ‘e’ flashcards were read again(we previously underlined the options) and sorted under the corresponding object. This step can simply be to introduce new words, or to revise previous spelling words. (There were more cards I did not photograph.)

After the initial long e sorting activity, each learner had a turn to mix it all up again for the others to fix up again. The repetition of this simple sorting activity is good on so many levels. Repetition helps with automaticity and ultimately fluency in reading.

Another benefit of this type of hands-on activity  is seeing all the spelling options mapped out which is great for a visual learner and moving the objects and cards around is great for those tactile seekers.

Best of all, the kids don’t even realize they are learning, and learning again and again!

Long e sorting activity

See this free magic e Worksheet!

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