Little Spelling Box

I am sharing another little hack I found that  helps when doing revision of spelling words for homework: this little spelling box! Building words with foam letters are so much more fun than ordinary letter cards!

Little spelling boxes
I made a Little Maths Box the other day to practice sums, and then I had more little boxes and decided to make ones for spelling too.


All you need is:

Items needed

    • First, I made a CVC words box, just for three letter words, hence the three dot stickers. I added craft foam letters to the box. Tip: add more than one of the more frequent letters.


Add the spelling word flashcards your child is revising so he/she can build the words independently. He can read the word, turn the flashcard around and build it, then check again.

CVC words

I then made a little box with four dots so one can spell CVCC or CCVC(or any 4 letter word for that matter) because we are starting with those spelling words soon.

Four letter
These little boxes are great for using at home or in class. Imagine all the kids can have one to practice by themselves or a few for the literacy center, perfect.


Our little learning boxes are coming in very handy during homework time, for sure!

Little boxes
So much better than letter cards, right? Make them today and avoid the homework battle by making spelling words a bit more appealing!

Little spelling box

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