Cars and Clothespins Roads

This week we are playing with all things starting with the letter C as part of our A-Z of Play at Home Series– our quest for less screen time, frugal fun at home and less “I’m bored” conversations!

We played with Cars, making Roads on the Carpet with Clothespins!

Cars and Clothespins
This cars and clothespins idea is purely hubby’s. He said he has fond memories of playing with clothespins/pegs as a child at his grandmas house. So, you can see in the image below he is still enjoying this activity, lol!

This play activity is perfect for this series since you don’t have to buy a thing: just use your clothespins with small cars! It also guarantees hours of play too, build and rebuild your roads. Use whatever you have close by to make garages(see the tissue box and other items laying around, it is buildings!) and a town. The kids will add their own creativity and imagination to the task and you will see how they enjoy making up their own stories too!

Clothespins and cars
Come see this car passing game by Bambini Travel!

Car passing game

Clothespins Caterpillar by Adventures and Play.

Clothespins Caterpillar
C is for backyard Circus by Line Upon Line Learning.

And Car Play Small World by the Gingerbread House

Car play
See you next week for letter D!


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