This week we are playing with the letter ‘L’ during our A-Z of Play at Home Series! We build a LEGO city, so fun!

Lego city
We don’t own a lot of LEGO yet, and did lost some over time too, so the challenge was on to use what we have and build a LEGO city. I bought this awesome large Roll-up building mat last Christmas and used it to build our city. We started off with some roads and then added some more details.

This is a park, with trees, sitting bench, slide, “tires” to jump on, even a hammock to relax in:

There is a building site too:

Building site
And even a space ship/jet:

Space jet
This LEGO city was used for pretend play and stories were made up, so fun! It kept my kids occupied and entertained for a while. Best of all, it did not cost a cent: using toys we already have! Only problem is, now we know we want more blocks(THIS may be a good option) to build even a bigger city!

Lego city

More ideas on how to play with the letter L:

Light Table Play Ideas by Bambini Travel 

See this awesome LEGO book(click on the image for details)!
LEGO Dumping and Sorting

LEGO Ring Toss Game by The Gingerbread House 
Lego book


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