Velcro Four in a Row DIY Game

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V is for Velcro Four in a Row DIY Game!
We are at Letter V in our A-Z Play at Home series and we had fun with this great game you can make out of a pizza box!
Four in a Row game
You will need:

  • a shallow box(pizza box works great)
  • two different colours of lids/tops(minimum 8 each)
  • Washi Tape(or markers)
  • Velcro Dots, they are self-adhesive (or Velcro plus glue)

Materials needed

How to make this game:
Use the lid of the box. First, measure out your blocks. Five rows across and seven blocks high. You can do less if you have a smaller box, but this 5:7 ratio is ideal. Tape your lines with Washi tape, alternatively, just use a marker or two to make the lines visible.
Get your child to help with sticking the soft side Velcro dots on the lids.
Add the other dots to the blocks on the box.
Set up the game like this and you are ready to play!
The DIY game
The aim of the game is to get four of your colour lids in a row AND keep your opponent from getting his/her four in a row by blocking her/him.
Take this travel friendly box with you when you go on holiday and have frugal fun as a family!
Four in a Row game
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