Under the Umbrella Estimation Indoor Game

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We are nearing the end of our A-Z Play at Home series and today we have the letter U. U is for Under the Umbrella: a simple estimation game to play using just an umbrella! This is the perfect act for when you are stuck indoors because of rain, snow or heat.
Under the Umbrella

First, hang the umbrella up, anywhere in the house. Any number of players and any age can join in the fun -even adults! Choose a place to start around the umbrella. Estimate(without moving) how many steps you will need to take to get right under the umbrella and plan you route. (I suggest the first time you play you should start with a straightforward route, not too far from the umbrella. You can change up the distance and direction when you feel confident.)
Planning and execution
Take turns: close your eyes and start moving towards the umbrella: count your steps without peeping! When you are done counting and moving, open your eyes and see where you are. Are you under the Umbrella? Were you right in your estimation of steps and direction? Now you can take a longer route, perhaps with a turn or two and play again- challenge yourself!

Umbrella game
A super simple, but fun game to play indoors with an umbrella! PS- this works on executive functioning skills and estimation skills in a fun way!
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