Tracking: Hide-and-Seek Indoor Game

Today we are joining in A-Z Rainy Day Activities. Here you will find 26 fun indoor game or activities to do with your kids on days that you cannot play outside.

Read on to understand our fun tracking hide-n-seek game!

  hide-n-seek game  

I chose four favourite soft toys, with distinctly different paws. I drew the “tracks” on paper, copied it(to make 10 of each), and numbered it.

The idea is to hide the animals, then place the tracks so it will lead up to 10 when you find the animal.

You can choose to hide one animal at a time, and guess which animal awaits at the end of the tracks. We played throughout the house, to make it more challenging, but one could play in a large room only (could be adapted for a classroom).

  follow the tracks  
Each child gets a turn to place the tracks numerically, this working on sequencing of numbers too. Obviously you could adapt this to the age of the child/ren. My 2 year was more interested to follow the tracks, than counting them, whereas my almost 5 year old wanted to place the numbered tracks just right. They both enjoyed this activity tremendously, so we played this indoor game quite a few times.

Remember to check out the other fun ideas in the series. Tomorrow you will find an idea on an Underwater Small World Table you don’t want to miss!

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