Colour Matching & Race Game

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We had so much fun with our Dab-o-Ink dabbers colour matching and making a Race 2 Win game!
Colour matching
You do not need dabbers(although they are fabulous!), you can press corks-or any circular stamp, into paint too! Use a large paper(I used butcher paper) and dab the coloured dots at both sides but not in the same order.
Let your child match the colours by dabbing from the one side to the other side. This is great to cross the midline and planning the most direct route to the matching dot(executive functioning skills), “jumping” over other colours.
Colour match
Wait for the dots to dry while you kid searches for small toys to match the colour dots. (We used Stikeez, only available in South Africa though.)
Now, choose your contender and use a dice to start the race. Take turns and see who can finish first!
A super fun learning activity and DIY game to the boot! Would your child like this activity and game?
Colour match and race

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