Easy Beaded Photo Frame

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This “beaded” photo frame is super easy for kids to make and is a great kid-made gift idea too! This frame does not take long to make either, you can have a pretty beaded photo frame within 10 minutes!
Beaded photo frame
Start by making the photo frame by glueing 4 of the larger craft sticks together and attaching the photo to the back.
Craft stick frame
Our frame went a little bit skew when it dried, but I actually like it, makes it quirky;)
Now, add glue to a stick, covering it good.
TIP: Use a tray to keep the mess contained. Throw Beads onto the glued stick. Press the beads a little and throw the loose beads off, like you would with glitter. Press the beads a little more and move them if needed into open spaces making sure that all the glue is covered.
Cover all or some of the sticks. The smaller the beads, the best it would cover the sticks. I chose these colour beads because it fits with the zoo, South African theme. (Traditional beadworks are usually these colours in South Africa.)
Attach magnets to the back and use as a magnetic beaded photo frame! Easy, pretty AND useful too!
Photo frame

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