No-bake Shortbread Caramel Bites

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This no-bake shortbread caramel bites recipe is one of those incidental recipes! I had to make something sweet for a get-together and did not have access to my oven(house painting so the kitchen was a mess). I only had two ingredients: shortbread biscuits and caramel treat, and that is how these yummy bites came to be!

Shortbread caramel bites


  • Two boxes of shortbread biscuits
  • One tin of caramel treat
  • Chocolate optional


Crumble the biscuits. You can use a food processor or use this tried an tested method of whacking it in a bag with a masher. The kids love helping with this too;) It does not have to be very fine.
Mix the crumbs and the caramel together. Press into a greased container. You can grate chocolate over for added sweetness and garnishing, but it is totally optional. (Also, you can roll balls and roll in chocolate or dry crumbs if you’d rather have truffle-like bites. I just find that making squares are easier)
Cover the container(otherwise it will pick up on other aromas in the fridge) and place in the fridge for a few hours(2 hours minimum) until hardened up a bit. Cut into squares. Enjoy as a party treat or dessert!
Caramel shortbread bites

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