Fingerprint Wreath Keepsake Ornament

Here is a brand new keepsake idea for you: fingerprint wreath photo ornament. Is it not too pretty?

Fingerprint wreath

You will need: 

  • green salt dough(see this post for the ingredients)
  • two circular items, one slightly bigger than the other
  • Cookie Letter Stamps
  • ribbon and bell
  • red paint

What to do: 

Roll out the dough to 1cm thick. Add the smaller circular object(we used a lid) and let your child press fingerprints all around.
Use the larger circular object(we used a small bowl) to cut the wreath by placing the object over the prints and cutting around it.
Add the date to the wreath if you wish. It does make a great keepsake if you do;)
Bake the wreath for 3 hours at 70’C or 160’F. Letbit cool down completely. Add a few touches of red paint for the berries and also the ribbon and bell.
Wreath ornament
Attach the photo to the back and the wreath ornament is ready to hang on the tree!
Such a pretty and special fingerprint wreath photo ornament!
Fingerprint wreath ornament
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