Fingerprint Lights Photo Frame

Today I am sharing this special kid-made fingerprint lights photo frame as part of the Kid-made Gifts Series! PS: Also check out the latest Christmas Tree Handprint Keepsake gift idea and Fingerprint Wreath Ornament !
photo frame
For this photo frame we used:

  • Salt Dough- 1 cup of flour plus 1 cup of salt mixed with half a cup of water
  • An old plastic photo frame
  • Gold spray paint
  • Red and green paint
  • Ribbon
  • Alphabet Cookie stamps

salt dough

The dough was rolled out to about 1cm thick. Then, I used the plastic frame to press the photo frame shape. You don’t need to use a frame, you can simply use a ruler or use free hand and cut the shape with a knife.

I added the date with the cookie stamps. Next, the kids pressed their fingers all around the frame and two little holes were made for the ribbon.

The frame dried in the oven(80’C for 3 hours) and I allowed for more overnight drying. The next day I spray painted it with the gold spray paint. You do not, however, have to use spray paint or paint it at all.

The fingerprint indents were painted as lights and a marker finished it off.

I added a ribbon and voila, a pretty photo frame(I still have to go print a recent photo of my two kids together), made with kids’ fingerprints making this a keepsake gift I bet any grandparent would love! Make it a bit smaller and it could also be used as a Christmas tree ornament!
fingerprint photo frame

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  1. Tessie Graser says

    Where do you get the cookie stamps? And are they expensive? These projects look like it will be fun to make with my grandchildren! Thanks for posting them!

  2. Connie Settles says

    Did you just use the plastic Frame as a temple and removed it before you bake them, or did you leave the dough on the frame?


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