Fingerprint Heart Garland Photo Frame

I do love a good keepsake gift, and this fingerprint heart garland photo frame is exactly that!

Fingerprint Heart Garland Photo Frame

I used the idea of our Fingerprint Lights Photo Frame and adapted this fingerprint photo frame to fit with a Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day theme.


A batch of red salt dough(equal parts of salt and flour with half part water, coloured with gel food coloring). The amounts will depend on how big you want your frame. I only made a half-cup-of-each- batch because my frame is about 100x100mm. I had an old wooden square frame I used as a template for the frame(you can just use a ruler) and of course my kids’ fingers for the hearts.

The dough was rolled out to about 700mm thick. Then the frame was cut using the old one as template. This was done on a wax paper on the cookie sheet. The wax paper does stick to the back of the frame, but that does not matter much. 
salt dough frame

My son pressed the top hearts and my daughter the bottom ones with their pointing fingers. They had to press quite hard to make it visible, but I helped with that. Then I used our Alphabet Cookie Stamps to add the date and made small holes for the string.
printing process

Lastly, we added some texture to the dough with a plastic comb:

It was baked for a round 3 hours, 70’C and overnight to air dry some more, upside down.

I used a Fine Point Black Marker to draw the string for the garland and a white Chalk Marker to colour the hearts. Lastly, a white string was added to hang it up. You can add magnets too, bit it must be securely attached and be strong magnets because the frame is at the heavy side.

You can varnish your frame, although I have never seen the need and it does keep long. 
dried frame

The photo was added(glued onto a piece of cardboard and then to the back of the frame) and now I am tempted to keep this fingerprint photo frame for myself because it is just so lovely!
heart garland frame

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